The Mucheru Challenge

Transforming investment theory into investment practice from a young age!

Meet our current participants

What it is ...

It is not enough to understand how investments work. One must practise it: enjoy the high tides, patiently ride the low tides, and be smart enough to not catch a falling knife!

Winners of the Value Investment Challenge, which is largely based on the ability to do research on listed companies and maintain a virtual trading platform, are given the task of investing real money. We don’t give them a lot of money. It is between 5,000 KES and 15,000 KES. For one year, their goal is to invest this money in anything legal with the aim of growing it. They may venture in shares, running a business, private equity, agribusiness, peer to peer lending. Only their imagination can limit them.

The person who is able to grow their money the most, gets the opportunity to win 100,000 KES which they can use to do whatever they choose. We hope that they continue investing!

We started with a group of 8 students in 2015. The results were so impressive, we decided to increase the number to 33 students in 2016.

Meet Our First Winner

Faith Muthoni had quite the investment journey. After learning about bitcoin, she convinced her sister to sign up for a wallet and trade bitcoins on her behalf, making a 50% profit. She then ventured into peer-to-peer lending, where she would lend to her friends who wanted to attend parties and events. This earned her Sh. 13,000. From this money, she took out 10,000 shillings and invested in a small printing business, in exchange for 16% shareholding. Her combined net worth from the different ventures came to Sh. 33,660 + 16% private equity. Without, a doubt, she was the winner of the Mucheru Challenge and got a sweet Sh.100,000 with which she could do whatever she wants.

How to get into the Mucheru Challenge

The only way to participate in the Mucheru Challenge is by joining the Valuraha Club and winning the Value Investment Challenge. Becoming 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the Company Analysis Competition, or by becoming one of the 10 best portfolio managers!