Help high school students get started on their journey to financial independence!

Being a Valuraha mentor

What awesomeness would you be involved in?

A weekly or bi-monthly mentorship session with the high school that you will be assigned to, or that you will select which involves:
  • Helping the students go through the curriculum
  • Assisting the students to understand investments and how to analyze a company
  • Answering any questions that the students may have
  • Preparing the students for the Value Investment Challenge to ensure that your school wins! :)

You are the perfect Valuraha mentor if you...

  • Have an understanding of and is passionate about finance and investments
  • Like to mentor and inspire young people
  • Have good people skills and you’re able to communicate well
  • Are familiar with the Valuraha Virtual Trading Platform and the Investment Club

What is in it for you?

  • We will facilitate your transport to and from these schools, and you will volunteer your time with us
  • You can add Valuraha Mentor on your CV describing your contribution in increasing Financial Literacy in high schools :)
  • We will give you a token of appreciation at the Value Investment Challenge